Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Up Close with President Obama @ YSEALI Summit 2015

One week before the YSEALI Summit, I received a call from the White House, asking me if the President can call upon me to give a 1-min remarks on my work and how ‪#‎YSEALI‬ has helped me, after he had finished his presidential address.

And without any slight hesitation, I exclaimed, "YES! I can do it!!!"

Fast forward to the town hall yesterday, I was taken to the town hall 5 hours earlier before the President arrived. We were waiting patiently for him.

45 min prior to his arrival, four YSEALI representatives, including myself, were stationed at the POTUS holding room to greet him. I can't be lucky enough.

At 4pm, the President finally arrived with his entourage of advisers, secret service and the press. I got the chance to briefly chat with the President before the town hall started.

Briefly exchange pleasantries with President Obama and tell him about the work I'm doing.

Official Photo with the 44th President of the United States - Barack Obama

My friend Carrie from Singapore did an excellent introduction of the President and he entered the hall with high energy and delivered his presidential address in eloquence. When he finally called upon me and looked into my eyes, I felt an overwhelming emotion. But I guess I still managed to hold back my emotion and nervousness and delivered my remarks.

The most intense 1-min speech in my life. I guess all my past Toastmaster experiences are meant to build up for this moment.

Being mentioned and recognized by the President in his speech is nothing short, but a phenomenal feeling. It gives a strong boost to the financial education that I'm championing.

Sometimes, you may not know what your life may lead you to. But you just have to believe in yourself and keep hustling, the moment will come. We can't connect the dots forward, but we can connect the dots looking backward.

I would just do what he encouraged me, "Keep up the great work."

YSEALI Town Hall Video:

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  1. It's indeed a great moment for you Choon Sian Choo to be with President Obama. Keep it up and be an inspiration to others around you through your future performances. Please include me too.